Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Two Random thoughts

People always tell you that you are lucky something happened to you. Mostly because they're jealous. So here's what I know:

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. There is NO such thing as luck. SO you are wonderful and amazing and don't let anyone steal your moment.

I want to take one moment to just say that people suck. They really do, they hurt you for no damn reason and it's stupid. But it's life. Deal with it. There comes a time when you need to know when to shut up. When the fight isn't worth it anymore. I learned this one a long time ago. I think I was eight, and my sister was mad and feeding my dad some lie about the mean thing I did. And he was yelling.. At the time she lied, but if I were to use my voice like I normally did. I would probably get slapped. It didn't matter who was lying or not.

But here's the thing, if you stop defending yourself completely. They'll believe you're a liar. And then it gets harder to stay quiet, and you feel shitty about everything you do because no one listens.

So decide what you want. And choose. This fight isn't worth it still. I'd rather be a liar and "all of my family's problems."

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