Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Brief Summary of The Past Couple Weeks.

Our beloved dog that always had to be first, always had garbage in her crate passed away. She had cancer in her mouth and it was very severe we had to put her down a day after my last post or on December 6th. Puppy like till the end, sweetest dog ever. No more tears can be let out.

Life has be complicated lately, my daddy may have pancreatic cancer they aren't even going to run tests until January. All they accomplished by telling us was making us worry.

We got a new dog Andrew, he reminds me a lot like Cassie, he's a puppy. He's also a pain, always chewing on things including our other dog Lucy. He has also ate my Nancy Drew book which was in the bookcase.

I haven't barely seen my cat since we got Andrew he scares her with all the chewing I assume. today I saw her briefly took her out to introduce her to Andrew. Andrew loved her until her sniffed her because she hissed loudly and stunned him by slashing his face. (He fell down the stairs then sat on my lap for about 40 minutes while I calmed him down)

The next couple weeks I fear, for multiple reasons

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