Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hi my Gerbil died last night he was about 5 years old
we love you whisper and we will miss you.

"Why does it take a minute to say hello and
forever to say goodbye?"

Whisper was a great gerbil he was sweet and always nice.

"When someone you love becomes a memory
the memory becomes a treasure."

Whisper is a treasure. There are no word to describe about how much
he will be missed.
There were no words to describe how much we loved him
and now that he is gone there is still a space in my heart
full of love for him that no one else can fill

10 word to describe Whisper.

10. Fast,
he could run and run all night long.

9. Sweet,
he would just sit on your shoulder and stay there.

8. Lovable,
The very first day we got him we fell in love with him;
it's a love that would never go away whether he is with us
or not.

7. Never hurt anyone
you could stick you finger in front of his
face he would grab it and pull up so he could sit.

6. Playful,
he loved to play with his brother

5. Only comfortable with Twinkle

4. He was a very light sleeper,
you could tap his cage and he would wake

3. He loved seeds,
he would always eat them

2. He was gentle

1. He loved to cuddle,
Twinkle and Whisper
loved to cuddle with
each other.

Whisper, we love you and miss you.
Even though you are not here
In a way you are.

I learned from a friend the more you
love something then sometimes
you have to let go even though
it's tough you have to accept
it. It's not like you get to pick
if you did the world would
be full of people and animals
that someone wouldn't
want to let go the world would
be crowded.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Whisper, dear!

    Sometimes it's really hard to let go...he surely enriched your life a bit.

    Keep posting your beautiful photos.
    Big hug.